Beverage Industry Benchmarking

When performance is measured, performance improves

BIER conducts an annual quantitative and qualitative benchmark study that examines water and energy use in the beverage sector. These sustainable benchmarking studies provide insight into water stewardship practices and energy efficiency performance.

Collecting the Data

To establish the data set for our benchmarking report, BIER member companies provide facility-specific metrics related to total water and energy usage, beverage production, beverage product mix, facility type and facility location. Results are then normalized, categorized by facility type (bottling, brewery, distillery and winery), and analyzed. The basis for analysis are the water and energy use ratios, which are indicators of how efficiently a facility uses water and energy for beverage production.

Sustainability Benchmarking – Continuing Progress

The 2023 benchmarking study includes facility-level data for 2017, 2020, and 2022 from 14 BIER members and two partner contributors. The study shows improvements in water, energy, and emissions intensity ratios by 8%, 11%, and 22% respectively. Continued progress is represented through a variety of facility categories, production volumes, and geographic locations – showcasing that the beverage industry continues to improve business performance while proactively reducing environmental impacts worldwide.

Sustainability Benchmarking News

The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) Issues Results of 2021 Water, Energy, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Benchmarking Study

The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) completed its 11th global benchmarking study – a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research of water, energy, and emissions efficiency in the beverage industry. The findings of the study substantiate the beverage industry’s ongoing efforts to better understand and reduce resource use on a global scale.


Benchmarking provides a mechanism to demonstrate beverage industry improvement.

Learn more about how BIER’s workstreams, such as benchmarking, support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) is a technical coalition of leading global beverage companies working together to advance environmental sustainability within the beverage sector. Formed in 2006, BIER is a common voice across the beverage sector, speaking to influence global standards on environmental sustainability aspects most relevant to the sector, affect change both up and down the supply chain and share best practices that raise the bar for environmental performance of the industry. By doing so, BIER is able to monitor data and trends, engage with key stakeholders, develop best practices, and guide a course of action for the future.

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